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  1. I’m a building owner in the UAE. How will Mabanina help me?

If you are a building owner, Mabanina will provide you with innovative solutions to efficiently manage your buildings while preserving energy and reducing related expenses. The program audits and records all building utility fittings and their power consumption levels in order to fix competitive, stable energy rates over five-year periods. This energy-efficient practice facilitates management procedures for organizations and guarantees fixed costs.

  1. Why do you say the Mabanina program is free? Does it not involve any financial compensation from me to you?

Mabanina handles all the costs of retrofitting a building, thus eliminating the need of any financial outlay on the side of the building owner. Followed by a simple payback method from the savings that they achieve, the initiative seeks to encourage more buildings in the UAE to follow stringent sustainability practices alongside their core business operations.

  1. Are there any other hidden costs which I need to be aware of? 
    Not at all

What are the different Mabanina project phases which I need to know of?
Mabanina is implemented in three distinct phases over a five-year contractual period.

  1. (i)  The Opening Phase involves a comprehensive audit of the building’s water and energy consumption, as well as a review of its current facilities management status.
  2. (ii)  Retrofitting Phase of the building’s utilities system
  3. (iii)  Service Phaseensures the continuous Delivery of efficient facilities management services to clients and building owners

  1. Tell me a bit more about the parties that are responsible for executing Mabanina?

Single owners of multiple residential and commercial buildings

  1. What is the time frame for executing Mabanina?

Mabanina is executed on buildings over a five-year period contract.

  1. How do I know if my building qualifies for this program?

We run a free preliminary audit that will give us a clear picture of weather it qualifies or not

  1. Are there any other buildings within the UAE under the Mabanina program?

Currently, three hundred and sixty-eight buildings across the UAE have signed up till date for this strategic energy management program.

  1. What makes Mabanina unique as compared to other energy management plans in the market?

Mabanina is a novel initiative in the UAE that addresses energy and water management to ensure the long-term sustainability of buildings and aims for well-rounded facilities management practices. The Mabanina project provides a single platform to synchronize facilities and energy management- offering a host of services for end-users for saving time, eliminating redundancies, reducing wastage, and bringing down maintenance costs.

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