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Maximo SP

Etisalat Facilities Management has researched and developed all possible channels to facilitate customer interaction and provide them with access to convenient and accurate facilities management systems.

We use Maximo SP for the company's computerised Maintenance Management Software for all facilities management and maintenance activities. Maximo has been migrated into PDAs to provide the flexibility of mobilisation and enhance response times to meet the committed level of service. Internally, we have implemented helpdesk, BMS Operation, Maximo and PDA Technology to increase productivity and speed.

Customer Support

Our round-the-clock helpdesk provides a single point of contact to all stakeholders including customers, service providers and staff. We strive to provide transparent monitoring tools for the jointly developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with our customers.

About Maximo

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9:34 minutes

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Ali Hassan Abdulla Al Qattan Harmoodi, Director of Business Development, discusses what makes Etisalat Facilities Management unique and outlines its efficient services, on-going projects, and sustainability concerns.